Among many wallet options available in the blockchain landscape which come in many variations (i.e. physical storage, ‘paper’ wallet, and light wallet), they mostly are used for two primary purposes- store and transfer of value. Achieving these functions alone is considered highly prized as wallets require top notch security and efficiency to be used for the mass market.

However, due to the bevy of digital currencies and utility available in the market, bundled with redundant KYC regulations and frequent mishandlings of private keys, it faces a high barrier to adoption. People have no other choice but to go through tedious rounds of verification process, by downloading various applications and subject to KYC requirements to access each service. Imagine the amount of real-estate your phone takes up to use such blockchain services: you would need at least one app for an exchange, storage and transfer, and dApps.

To tackle the massive inefficiency of usage experience, SymVerse took an aggregate yet intuitive approach to wallet management, called SymWallet. Unlike the conventional wallets which only provide features limited to certain tokens and coins, SymWallet allows for multiple on-ramps of cryptocurrencies and tokens to be managed in the wallet. Moreover, having dApps conveniently built-into the wallet, people can easily conjure up and utilize services without having to transfer to different wallets and deal with initial sign-ups.

SYM token, SymVerse’s native asset token, is used to swap with other dApp tokens for services. Here are the following features that are unique to SymWallet:

- Rewards: Receive rewards for participating transactions on the network

- Attestation: Validate Identification within the wallet

- Easily call up from the multitude of decentralized application with a search function

- Voting (or vetoing) for facilitating key proposals and operations

- Account recovery: Recovery function for lost and compromised private keys

- Additional features: built-in non-custodial exchange, messaging, marketplace, ID verification

SymWallet, along with SymID, will provide a secure platform in which individuals’ data points aren’t simply handed to but selectively given by users and where enterprises can streamline business processes that can bring real business value without over-reliance of trusted parties.

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