Hello from the SymVerse team,

In this series, we would like to delve into some of SymVerse’s partners.

The second on the list is Tong-in Express!

SymVerse established a joint venture with Tong-in Express Co., Ltd., the nation’s largest moving service company, and is working on a project to develop an O2O platform related to relocation services using blockchain technology.

In Korea, the number of relocators sums up to about 7,150,000 per year and there are more than 200 related businesses that trigger the activity. Relocation services amounts to 156 trillion won annually therefore it is a gigantic market. Tong-In Express, the oldest moving service company in Korea, has the largest databases for moving, and based on this vast data, it is promoting O2O service projects to provide more convenient and useful customized services to general customers and business entities. The project is both an on and off-line integrated service (O2O) platform that integrates a variety of business and customer management tasks that are triggered by the relocators. It provides integrated, convenient, and quick services to run, and provides collaborators with comprehensive services such as optimal marketing opportunities, transaction settlements (payment), promotion, advertising, and search based on big data related to directors recorded on the blockchain. To sum up, it is a blockchain integrated platform project applying distributed ID (DID) system.

Imagine a O2O service that can be used in real life by utilizing the distributed ID, wallet, and big data, all on the SymVerse blockchain network! Please look forward to our next series!