Dear SymVerse supporters,

Today, we are proud to announce our 5th partner D.Phone (DiXinTong).

D.Phone (迪信通) Group may be a quite unfamiliar between Koreans, however is the largest online and offline mobile device and IT device distribution network in China. It has more than 3,000 direct stores and 13,000 chain stores nationwide, as well as dozens of subsidiaries and the fourth largest mobile telecommunications company in China. It is an outstanding big company owning.

100 million mobile phones are sold annually. Currently, D.Phone have established a branch office in Korea and are doing business in various areas such as real estate, logistics, and investment.

SymVerse is working on a project to blockchain the logistics platform of overseas direct purchase from Korea to China market in cooperation with D.Phone.

In addition, we are discussing a project to mount the D.Phone’s overseas direct purchase platform on our SymWallet.

If the D.Phone’s overseas direct purchase service be available with SymWallet, many users from both Korea and China will be able to purchase qualified products from other countries.

Soon in the future, SymVerse will discuss blockchain technology cooperation with D.Phone Group’s headquarter in China with 100 million customer databases.

If we can monitor logistics distribution transparently by using blockchain, there will no more be fraud and become more reliable in direct-purchase from overseas.

Please wait and see what we are about to present.

Thank you.