NFT - COOC (Collaborative Open Online Contents) (coming soon)

COOC is an NFT marketplace operated based on Symverse's NFT smart contract SCT30.

It is an open platform that provides the ability to easily create, hold, or trade NFTs through various blockchain platforms such as Symverse, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.

The COOC token is a Symverse-based point-type token with a fixed value of 1,000 KRW. In near future, SymVerse plans to include making it possible to exchange NFTs with other coins through SymSwap.
Coupon (Coming Soon)

Any Blockchain based coupon or voucher can be created by using Symverse's smart contract SCT40.

Coupons can be applied in many areas including accommodation, tickets, and package tours. Additionally, it can be applied to various commerce sites to increase customer loyalty or to provide prepayment priority.

Blockchain-based coupons offer the convenience of easy trading or transferring. A blockchain-based coupon system, for example, enables all details of the transaction to be visible on the ledger, enhancing transaction reliability and reducing commerce risks.
Shopping Point (Coming Soon)

The use of blockchain can empower shopping mall operators to provide various types of rewards to shoppers.
The most commonly used compensation methods are point payments and discount coupons. Using blockchain-based operating accounts, malls can provide transparency about the issuance and use of reward points.

A Symverse Smart Contract SCT21 may issue points for further creation or burn.
In cases of problematic accounts, points may be recalled or temporarily locked when provided to customers.

The transferability of blockchain points makes them a good way to spread the community. Payments can also be made, and transactions can be activated by providing services that can be exchanged for cash.

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