SymWallet (Distributed ID-based Cryptocurrency Wallet on Blockchain Mainnet SymVerse, developed by Wise M Global) was the first in the field of blockchain smart wallet to obtain GS(Good Software) certification.

GS certification is a national certification system that proves the performance and value of software.
It is tested and certified by the Korea Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) and the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL).
Based on 25,051 international standards, it is conducted through verification of functional suitability, performance efficiency, usability, reliability, and security.

Choi Soo-hyuk, CEO of SymVerse, said, “SymWallet is equipped with a role as a gateway to the ecosystem and is designed to allow users to receive rewards corresponding to their contribution. Considering various features for dApps, it can be customized for businesses to use as their wallets.
In particular, we have identity verification, document authentication, and voting functions based on distributed ID, and our goal is to become a national standard and even a global standard. ”