On the 29th of January, Choi Soo-hyuk, CEO of SymVerse Co., Ltd received the Grand Prize Award for the application of industrial convergence at the ‘2019 Blockchain MARVELS Award’ ceremony, hosted and sponsored, respectively, by Korea CEO Summit and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

‘2019 Marvels Awards’ is the first blockchain award ceremony in Korea, held in effort to create awareness on the importance of the blockchain’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and as a way to promote an alternative to the Korean economy from dwindling economic growth in domestic as well as overseas markets.

Panel of judges for the candidate selection was chaired by Kim Hyung Joong, professor of Korea University, Kim Yong-dae, professor of Electrical Engineering at KAIST, Park Sung-joon, head of the Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk University, and Han In Seok, honorary president of the University of Utah. Professionals from various disciplines in politics, economics, and culture as well as blockchain luminaries participated in the ceremony. One of the notable attendees included Oh Myung, Korea’s former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology.

The event first kicked off with keynote speakers delivering a detailed explanation of their respective companies, followed by awards given out to each division. Mr. Chun, Vice President of SymVerse, said in his congratulatory speech, “As a public mainnet platform for dApps, SymVerse is equipped with an exceptional technology and we are currently making aggressive business expansion plans worldwide,” and further explained, “this year, the executives will continue to strengthen the ties and cooperation with our investors, customers, and partners and strive to become the best blockchain company Korea has ever created.”

Mr. Choi participated as a keynote speaker at the ‘MARVELS Seoul’ conference which was held on the 12th of December of last year. MARVELS is the biggest blockchain conference in Asia, where experts, entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors in the space are gathered to share their insights and perspectives in the latest trends in the industry along with in-depth discussions on the up-and-coming technology and regulatory hurdles.

After receiving his doctorate at Northwestern University, Mr. Choi worked as the team leader and research fellow at KISDI (a global ICT policy research institute), which he played a pivotal role in the promotion of national informatization in the ICT industry. He currently works at Korea University as a graduate professor, contributing his knowledge to cultivate students into blockchain professionals.

SymVerse is a multi-block blockchain system, which addresses real issues that are tenacious in the blockchain system, such as simplicity, speed, scalability, and fair reward distribution. They consist of several blocks which are linked together to form the blockchains. Implementation of the multi-block blockchain allows essential data to be separated from the non-essential, thus making it an efficient database for transaction. Combining this with the ease to use application feature will allow developers to on-board their dApps easily as well as attracting users to the services. In the future, interoperability between other cryptocurrency platforms will be made available to promote further compatibility between protocols and this will further facilitate the proliferation of dApps.

“Our blockchain technology, which is based on the contributon of the sharing economy, will open up a new dawn of revolution where the worldwide adoption for blockchain will be inching closer to reality and the power of sovereignty returns to consumers,” said Choi Soo-hyuk.

According to the SymVerse business team, extensive discussions with the global exchanges regarding IEO and listings are currently underway and BaaS (Blockchain as a service aka SMY BaaS) service launch is also in full swing.