GBHB, in short for Global Blockchain Headquarter Base, launched its first ‘2019 Global Blockchain Leader List’ event. It was established in 2018 as a global initiative to accelerate and promote blockchain businesses in the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, and other regions.

GBHB was organized by the election committee: Richard Wang from DRAPER DRAGON (China), TokenInsight, M&A Center (Korea), OBITO.IO (Taiwan) and BLOCKTEMPO (Taiwan), and Asia Token Fund (Southeast Asia).

The event was co-hosted by QUEST CAPITAL, TEK & LAW, Token Economy Association, PAX Economy TV, Chinese Society of Technology Economics-Blockchain Committee, Great Wall Commune, Block Monster Lab and Korea Blockchain Startup Association.The awards are selected based on the assessment of the industry’s regional influence and contributions from countries around the world.

The awarded are divided into four parts: “TOP20 global investment institutions”, “TOP25 global industry experts”, “TOP11 global exchanges” and “TOP51 global star projects.” Among them, SymVerse’s CEO Soohyuk Choi and CMO Sang Kwon Chun was listed under ‘Top 51 Global Star Projects’ and ‘Top 25 global industry experts’ category, respectively.


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