-SymVerse Mainnet technology, DID authentication, and coupon protocol SCT40 applied to the voucher issuance platform (EVT Platform)

The CETOB PTE Foundation, the issuer of Flux virtual assets, agreed to jointly develop a voucher issuance platform with Symverse (Blockchain Mainnet company) and signed a technical agreement on the 19th.

The Flux project develops and supplies a blockchain-based Encrypted Voucher Token Platform (EVT Platform) that anyone can easily issue, distribute, and manage vouchers (gift certificates, coupons, gifticons, etc.).

In particular, while the development of the credit voucher wallet and voucher issuance platform, which are the core of the project, is in full swing, Flux foundation plans to increase the degree of completion of development by applying blockchain Mainnet technology and coupon protocol SCT40 through a technology agreement with SymVerse.

Choi Soo-hyuk, CEO of SymVerse, is currently the president of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association and is playing the role of the technological backbone of the DID Forum.

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