We are excited to announce its partnership with Anduschain and SymVerse platform, which entered into an MoU on 29th of May.

The setting in which the agreement took place was at Le Méridien Hotel, Gangnam, Seoul, where Anduschain event was held. Soohyuk Choi (SymVerse) as well as the co-founders Yong Hyup and Sung Jun Park (AndusChain) were all present at the event and outlined the overarching details of the agreement. This is South Korea’s first ever agreement signed between two blockchain platforms.

Though this partnership, the two mainnet platforms will work side by side to promote cooperation in the blockchain industry and build collaborative projects that can benefit both ecosystems.  

It is worth mentioning that one of the co-founders of Anduschain, Sung Jun Park, is also the director of blockchain research center at Dongguk University. The research center played a major role in procuring their consensus algorithm, called the ‘deb’ consensus.

SymVerse’s cross-platform blockchain smart wallet, called SymWallet, integrates a plethora of services such as a built-in crypto currency exchange, digital coupons, and messenger. Moreover, you can further secure your wallet and gain access to more functions via SymID, a Self-sovereign distributed ID system.