SymVerse mainnet platform is cooperating with ‘4th Revolution’ & ‘ValueShopping’, an automatic real estate price inquiry system. Both entities have agreed to work together to advance into the real estate market in Korea.

By incorporating 4th Revolution’s IT infrastructure with Sejong’s (property appraisal firm in Korea) expansive, multi-year development of real estate database and AVM (Automated Valuation Model), ValueShopping now has over 50 million property listings available in all regions of South Korea, with the function to call-up updated information in real-time. This is all available via their native map in both web as well as mobile app.

In addition to property listings, you can find additional information on real estate such as listed price, public price announcements, and realization rates. This will be the first attempt of real estate services integrating blockchain for a real-life use case in South Korea.

When this partnership is in full effect, SymVerse can take advantage of the vast amount of database by using its trusted public network. Information stored on the blockchain cannot be tampered with, thus vital information can be secured permanently. Such arrangements can create a legally binding effect.

ValueShopping is expected to be installed in SymVerse’s native wallet and will become a central role in leading the real estate project.

SymVerse has created an identity-type wallet using its distributed ID and is putting together a convenient payment module that integrates wallet directly to the merchant’s homepage and shopping mall.