SymVerse team announces an additional SYM trading pair with BTC on DigiFinex Global!

SYM/BTC trade pair will open on Thursday, 22th of August, @ 11:00 AM (KST).

*SymVerse will be using ERC-20 based tokens before re-introducing them to our mainnet.

SYM has been performing well beyond expectation, driving the price up as high as 0.003 Eth (approximately $0.60) per SYM on the first trading day. Ever since the first launching of SYM/ETH on DigiFinex, SYM’s daily price movements have been relatively less volatile and quite stable.

With the provision of an additional BTC pair on the market, it hopes to gain further exposure to a new customer base, as well as provide more liquidity of SYM. This will be the first step in further strengthening the SymVerse ecosystem, by providing more users options to trade SYM between blockchains.

What is SymVerse?

SymVerse is a proprietary blockchain platform based on a unique multi-block blockchain, which maximizes reliability and convenience through the support of built-in decentralized identifier (DIDs) and flexible user management system (Citizen Alliance). Our technology aligns to promote the greatest utility for both end users and providers: a consensus algorithm equipped with one of the fastest block confirmations in the industry, a just reward system that encourages voluntary participation, and an efficient data storage technology that dramatically reduces storage capacity.

SymVerse allows for both permission-less and permissioned models to coexist within the platform, whereby individuals and enterprises can opt-in according to their business fit or use cases. Private or permissioned system is more suited towards intra-enterprise scenario, where speed and efficiency are critical when operating within selected trust nodes. On the other hand, public or permission-less system is better designed for inter-enterprise strategies where decentralized consensus in an open network is considered more favorable, such as B2C and P2P services.

Our ecosystem is built based on the ‘sharing economy’ model and by using a unique ID system called SymID, it can further induce a network effect. This allows for users to use dApp services with ease and for dApp owners to seamlessly integrate blockchain functions to their business logic. Furthermore, SymID also safeguards the data in case of loss or theft. All of this is embedded in our fully-integrated mobile app, called SymWallet.

SymVerse has formally signed partnerships with over 30 companies from domestic and abroad and is currently working on joint projects with numerous companies including Hancom Secure Co., Ltd. and Tongin Express Co., Ltd., in order to expand and build real use cases.