SymVerse mainnet platform announced another dApp partnership with NiX-M, a payment dApp that is looking for ways to enable real-life use cases.

NiX aims to attract real users by providing blockchain-based payment service that can be used for daily spending, both in online and offline markets. Users can enjoy the benefits of having various payment options available to them when paying for goods and services in various categories, such as fashion, e-sports, tourism, plastic surgery, and more.

“There will be many more surprises in the future,” said Yu-joo Kim, CEO of NiX. He plans to announce the roll-out of their partnerships once all of their viable businesses have been reviewed and confirmed.

SymVerse blockchain network, a platform which NiX-M plans to run its smart contracts on, is a forward thinking blockchain technology which incorporates various game theory concepts. Built with four principles in mind (pragmatism, scalability, symbiosis, and sustainability), SymVerse is made for the users of all types to seamlessly deploy and use the services and encourage active participation in the network.

Yu-joo Kim, CEO of NiX, said, “This cooperation will allow all hosts of games and services to be securely deployed and operated at scale under SymVerse network.”

SymVerse mainnet is based on heterogeneous blockchain that is currently looking to solve major scalability issues that the current blockchains face. Moreover, it is equipped with a functional smart contract that is packed with useful features and the design is simple enough even for non-programmers to deploy on services in the network.

It is currently undergoing many rounds of testing in preparation for the self-sovereign based distributed identifiers (DIDs), as well as its unique user management system (also known as CA, Citizen Alliance). Once these features are fully implemented into SymVerse blockchain network, it can identify and authenticate the identity of an individual via a tamper-proof distributed ledger and incentivize users to selectively control and manage their data.

All these features will be available under SymWallet, SymVerse’s proprietary mobile application, along with other useful services, such as built-in OTC market, dApp coupons, and messenger.