A fractal network is made up of a set of blockchains that operate on Symverse. Using SymID's first two bytes, the blockchains in the fractal network can be distinguished from one another as independent mainnet in the fractal network.

Platforms built on blockchains can be used in a wide range of fields. Using an 'Independent Mainnet' or multiple 'Independent Mainnet', you can provide complex services such as auctions, voting, matching, and stock trading with high-speed performance. Fractal network is a key technology that can satisfy these service requirements and is a new face of blockchain that is required in the future.

Individual and independent mainnet of the fractal network use their network identifier to issue SymIDs. SymIDs can be simultaneously recorded on their respective mainnet as well as the Citizen Chain of other mainnet. Registering your ID later should be possible if other mainnet approve.

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