The blockchain mainnet provides the following platforms:
⬥ State (
It shows information about the nodes of the blockchain as well as the nodes participating in the consensus process, the transaction status, average block finality time, the height of the main block, the height of the citizen block, and the height of the reward block.
You can see the details of the blockchain, as well as details about tokens, NFTs, and SymIDs. In particular, you can use the SymID or smart contract address to see the overall size and history.
⬥ Wallet (
It is a self-sovereign decentralized wallet in which everyone manages their assets by themselves without a central administrator, and supports various mainnet-type tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Symverse.

It works the same on various devices such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows, and multiple accounts with multiple IDs can be used in a single wallet. In addition, the keystore recovery method provides excellent safety and security.
It is a platform service that enables quick and easy blockchain project creation and management.

Through BBP, it is possible to build a blockchain service with minimal cost without worrying about gas cost management, and without building a node. In addition, it is possible to build DApp services only by linking APIs.
It provides a development environment to write smart contracts that operate in SVM (SymVerse Virtual Machine) of SymVerse Network and is an integrated development environment compatible with Ethereum Solidity.

It is a software that provides an environment that handles all tasks related to SymVerse mainnet, such as coding, debugging, compilation, and distribution, in one program.

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