Stake 2 Earn (S2E) (Coming Soon)
Stake 2 Earn (S2E) is a smart contract designed to decentralize Symverse node operation and reward Symverse Coin holders.

Nodes participating in the consensus process of the Symverse Blockchain are rewarded with the gas used by the DApp and the daily supply of Symverse Coins.

With S2E, Symverse Coin holders and nodes will be able to cooperate by upgrading the existing Symverse reward method.

9 nodes from group A and 16 nodes from group B participate in the Symverse consensus process. While Group A cannot propose a consensus, it continues to participate in the consensus process. On the other hand, the nodes of group B can propose a consensus but participate in the consensus process for 4 days.

As for the participation method, when Symverse coin ‘SYM’ is transferred to the S2E account, the S2E smart contract sends the locked staking token ‘S2E’ to the transferred account. From the day of remittance, you can receive Symverse Coin rewards through the S2E smart contract.

S2E participants can choose either Group A or Group B when staking. If group A is selected, the staking period is relatively long, but the reward rate is higher than group B.

The rewards will be given, based on the staking ratio that S2E participants occupy in each group.

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